Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) compliance

APC membership is effectively compulsory for all organisations with an Australian annual turnover of more than $5 million, and supplying branded goods into the Australian market.

WheatonBeer has been assisting APC members for the past 14 years with all aspects of APC compliance including:

  • A full range of services from oversight and guidance to full outsourcing
  • Joining (and leaving) the APC
  • Training of teams, provision of tools and templates, preparation and review of work
  • Creation of full APC related documentation for audit purposes
  • Liaison with global packaging specialists to obtain relevant information for APC compliance purposes
  • Liaison with APCO (Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation)
  • Assistance with the following compulsory APC activities:
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Targets and Actions
  • Preparation and submission of Annual Reports
  • SPG and PREP Packaging Reviews (Sustainable Packaging Guidelines and Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal)
  • Audit by APCO
  • ARL – Australian Recycling Label (Optional for companies)