Ben Wheaton


Ben Wheaton is the original founder of the WheatonBeer business.  He continues to play both an active and advisory role in the business.

Ben has over 10 years business sustainability experience working with a range of companies in Australia and in Europe.  He specialises in sustainability strategy and also in sustainable packaging.

Ben has worked with WheatonBeer since its creation in 2008.  Prior to this Ben was a partner at PwC Melbourne for 10 years. Ben held a number of senior leadership and management roles at PwC including:

  • Founder and leader of Melbourne Climate Change practice
  • Strategy and Change Management
  • Client leadership
  • Systems and Software Development and Implementation
  • Client liaison
  • Business development
  • Financial management

Since 2006 Ben has been helping businesses to understand and embrace sustainability.  His belief is that when approached in the right way, sustainability and financial success can be both compatible and mutually supportive.

Ben is a keen musician and plays the violin.  He is married and has 3 older and 2 younger children.