Our Philosophy

At its highest level, the economy exists to meet the needs of society.  Businesses operating within the economy exist to help their customers, employees, suppliers, and owners to achieve their goals and desires.  For a society to function well, the needs of these various stakeholders need to be aligned rather than in opposition.  Furthermore, the economy needs to respect intergenerational issues – ensuring our society and environment remain capable of sustaining the needs of future generations.

WheatonBeer seeks to support businesses to achieve their full potential.  This means a thriving business which demonstrably adds value to society whilst at the same time respecting and protecting the environment.

This path requires dedication and focus.  But we believe it can be achieved by any business without compromising financial goals.  The journey starts with a commitment, continues with the establishment of a sustainability focused mind-set, and is driven on through a continually renewed sense of purpose.  The result is business that is a pleasure to work in and to do business with – a business which sustains its employees, its suppliers, its customers, and its owners.